Welcome to our blog! (from Todd)

It was July 21, 2007.  At 5:30 am I wore a baseball hat and sunglasses hoping not to be recognized as I drove to the store to be there when it opened.  I was a thirty-something who was more than a little embarrassed that I had cleared my schedule, told my wife and daughter I wouldn’t be speaking to them, and planned to spend the day occuppied with someone, or more accurately, something else… Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which was just released that day.  I read it straight through in eleven hours, and that’s when I started to realize I might have a problem.  I was an adult who still loved children’s literature or ‘kidslit’!

Now I am totally comfortable with the fact that I can say that I prefer kidslit over reading other more “mature” novels or books.  And I think there are many of you out there too who feel the same.  Maybe you are just as excited as your kid for school book fairs to come around.  Maybe you and your kid fight over whose turn it is to read from the latest book you are both enjoying.  Maybe you don’t have kids at home, but love a great children’s book anyway!  If any of these are true, you are welcome here!

We’ll plan to share our thoughts on here of the latest good books we’ve read, and hope they’ll be helpful to you.  If you’ve already read these books, we’d love to see your comments on what you thought of them too.

Oh–and now that you are here….answer our poll on the sidebar about who in your home likes children’s literature.

Thanks for coming and come back soon for more posts!


8 thoughts on “Welcome to our blog! (from Todd)

  1. Guilty! I’ll be glad to see your reviews so I can know what to pick out for my kids! Super great blog idea…Thank you! 🙂

  2. I’m totally there with you! I have also been slightly embarrassed a couple of times at my book club when we do a book exchange for Christmas and I give a young adult book…Funny thing is, I found I had nothing to be embarrassed about after all, turned out there were several other friends who had the same secret 🙂

  3. There is obviously an underground club on adult readers who have never quite left the world of children’s literature. Also guilty as charged. I knew I had problems when I would stay up all night reading (or re-reading) a book that I knew one of my children would claim the next day!

  4. What a great idea!! Love the Blog. What I love about children’s literature is that you have a lot better chances of finding great “shmut- free” books.

  5. Todd I am dissappiointed in your poll. The options are not mutually exclusive nor comprehensive 🙂 We read all our kids books to make sure they are appropriate. Plus we like to read some of them. Others not so much. Have you read the Hunger Games books yet?

  6. Brilliant, Todd. I’m rather happy to have stumbled onto this collaboration between you and your daughter – I have a 9- and 11-year old and they’re always on the prowl for something new to read. As if our beyond-capacity bookshelves aren’t full enough…

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