Review: “A Hero for WondLa”

Title:  A Hero for Wondla
Author: Tony Diterlizzi ( of The Spiderwick Chronicles)
464 pages

Synopsis: This is the second book in the WondLa trilogy which came out just a week or two ago.  We LOVED the first book (The Search for WondLa), so we preordered this one on Amazon so we could read it RIGHT AWAY, and we were not at all disappointed!

The first book is about our heroine, Eva Nine, who is raised in an underground “sanctuary” by a robot and is trained for life on the surface of the earth, only to learn when her peaceful sanctuary is destroyed that the world outside is nothing like earth, and is filled with fantastic plants (we love the wandering trees) and alien life forms of all varieties–some friendly and many not.

In the second book, Eva Nine learns more about other humans living on the planet, why she was raised underground, and what the future holds between the old human civilization and the new alien inhabitants.  As she continues her adventures with her alien creature friends and some new human friends, she also learns more about her own natural abilities, and just how much she can do to help save her friends.  This is a VERY exciting book, and we love the illustration pages at the start of each chapter.

Miranda’s Rating (from 1-10): 11! This is a very exciting book, and I want all of my friends to read it. I love this book because it has sci-fi, fantasy, and nature.
Todd’s Rating (from 1-10): 8   (I admit I have very high standards, so it takes a lot to get a 10 from me.) This book was a great page-turner and a lot of fun for adults.  It sucked me in and had enough twists and turns to keep me interested. I can’t wait for the third book–we’ll definitely pre-order that one too.
Miranda’s Favorite Character and Why: Rovender because he’s wise and helps Eva.

Todd’s Favorite Character and Why: Huxley–he’s good-tempered, a big help in some “tight spots” (wink wink), and faces life-threatening situations with courage and a positive attitude. 

Miranda’s Favorite Part of the Book: My favorite part of the story is when Eva comes into the city and meets everyone because it’s funny and I love it when the three teenage Gens say: “That is sooo rocket!” I also like it when one of the Gens’ omnipods classifies one girl’s hair as a monkey, because of the way she colored and styled it.

Todd’s Favorite Part of the Book: What happens when Eva Nine and Rovender go to Rovender’s home village–I always love a good reconciliation story!!!

Miranda’s recommended age groups for this book: 9+ because it’s stressful, has some sad parts, and it’s a pretty good sized book.

Have you read either of the WondLa books?  What did you think of them?


10 thoughts on “Review: “A Hero for WondLa”

  1. Ohhhh…sounds great! I’ll have to check these out for Makayla to read this summer. I hope the library has them!

      • I’m great sweetie! Makayla and Brady have been sick for over a week though. 😦 I found the Wondla books at the library…Makayla should have them within a week to read and then tell you what SHE thinks! (Oh…and I’ll have to read them too of course!) 😉 Thanks for sharing your reading with us! You are an amazing girl!! xo

  2. I seriously need to borrow this book from you! I bought the Search for Wondla last year and have been waiting for the sequel! My mom just showed me your blog! (This is Esther by the way) I love it. So many good books out there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Okay, so after reading the first 3 chapters outloud to Brady and Makayla, Justice decided he wanted to read the books too. So he (ahem) “borrowed” it to catch up to where we were so he could join in the fun. Well, we couldn’t peel the freaking book from his cold dead fingers if we tried!! He read it in about a day and a half and LOVED LOVED LOVED it. So NOOOOWWWWW I’m able to continue reading to Makayla and Brady…haha!! And they are loving it too! (oh alright…and me too!) 😉 We try to make time to get a few chapters in every day during Taylor’s nap time so we can actually hear me read…it’s exhausting to have to project your voice over Taylor! Thanks for recommending them…they are providing us with some good family time/entertainment for the beginning of our summer break! 🙂

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