Thoughts on Thursday: Meeting My Favorite Author

My favorite book series is the Warrior cat books. They are written by four different authors all under one name; Erin Hunter. One of the four Erin Hunters, Victoria “Vicki” Holmes, was going on a book signing tour. My friend and I were going to go to a nearby mall to see her, but I got sick. : (  Oh well. You’re probably thinking. Wow. This is going to be a very short story, but I’m not finished yet!

My mom looked at Erin’s (Vicky’s) tour schedule, and she figured out that her next book signing was in Charlotte, NC. We live in Maryland, so there was no way we were driving that far! However, there was another book signing on Monday in another place in North Carolina, closer to where I live. BUT it was 5 hours away and we had to drive. So, early Monday morning we got our suitcase and other stuff, grabbed the map and directions to the bookstore Erin was going to be, hopped in the car, and left. On the way there, my mom and I listened to some music, turned up the bass, turned up the volume to 14 (where it has never been before), and headed for North Carolina. It was great. I brought a stuffed snow tiger named Celine and a small toy cat that moved its tail and head when you pressed the button on its back. My mind was constantly filled with Warrior cat thoughts. Will Dovewing and Tigerheart fall in love? Or will she fall in love with Bumblestripe? Will Cinderheart ever talk to Lionblaze again?

Anyway, we only stopped twice on the way to the bookstore. Once to get gas and then at McDonald’s to satisfy our intense hungering for food. Finally, we got to the bookstore. I met a new friend there. Her name was Casey. She was very nice. It was very nice to have someone to talk to who loved Warriors just as much as I do. We waited for Erin (Vicky) to come out. Then we waited some more. And we waited some more. An employee at the store, a lady named Rosemary, made announcements about two or three times. Then we waited some more. Finally, after three stinkin’ hours, Erin (Vicky) came out. Casey and I held up a sign my mom had made. It said, #1 FANS FROM MARYLAND! WE LOVE WARRIORS! Casey was mostly trying to hide behind the sign.

Erin read a bit from her latest warrior book, The Last Hope. She was wearing a very short dress, so we all giggled when she said, “No one look when I sit down and stand up, or you might see more of my thighs than anyone would ever want to see!” It was also funny when she sat down on the plastic chair while saying, “Great. This chair is plastic. When I stand up, don’t look because I’ll have to peel my thighs off of the chair.”. That was hilarious! Then she started answering questions. I can hardly remember anything of what I asked and what others asked because I was delusional with excitement! Then, she finished her Q/A part of the book signing. Now it was time for the, well, book signing of the book signing! I got a picture with Erin Hunter  (Vicky Holmes), and I had all of my Omen of the Stars series signed.

On the way to the hotel from the book signing, my mom said to me, “Miranda.” I replied with a “What?” Then my mom smiled. “YOU MET ERIN HUNTER!” she exclaimed. I screamed. On the way home the next day she did the same thing. And that’s the story of how I met Victoria Holmes, one of the four Erin Hunters.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thursday: Meeting My Favorite Author

  1. This will be one of my favorite memories with you. I’m glad we were able to check this off of your bucket list. Love you!

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