Review: The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

Title: The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
Author:  Tom Angleberger
141 pages

Synopsis: Ahhh…..middle school.  This book examines through a series of testimonials and eyewitness accounts whether Dwight’s finger puppet Origami Yoda is “real”.  That is, does a folded piece of paper in the shape of Yoda contain the wisdom of the jedi, and can it provide advice that can help solve a series of middle schoolers’ problems?  Let the facts described in this quick read help you decide for sure.

Why kids would like this book:  It’s hilariously ridiculous, and it has some Star Wars bits. Kellen’s darwings on the sides of the pages are super funny and make me laugh.  If you like Star Wars or funny books about real life school experiences, then you’ll like this book.

Why adults would like this book:  Let me keep it real here…….when Miranda asked me to read this one, I thought it looked fun, and heck, it was only 141 pages!!  As I read the first three quarters of the book, I was prepared to tell you to leave this one to the kids.  I thought it was a somewhat funny and somewhat uncomfortable look back at middle school drama.  (Let’s face it–who wants to re-live those years again–NOBODY!)  However, the last quarter of the book changed my mind in the way that the author ties together all of the testimonials for the blow-by-blow account of the climax.  All together–I’d definitely recommend reading this one with your kids…….but maybe not for your own adult enjoyment.

Miranda’s rating:  10 of 10.  Because it has Star Wars and real-life things that could happen to you.

Todd’s rating: 6 of 10.  Enjoyable and cute, but definitely written for kids.

Miranda’s favorite character: Origami Yoda, because he comes up with the best advice.

Todd’s favorite character: Tommy….maybe because he reminds me too much of myself at that age.

Miranda’s Favorite Part of the Book: The “all about Dwight” list of weird things about Dwight. One of the items on the list has to do with getting “locked” in a locker and calling out to the squirrels to save him.

Todd’s Favorite Part of the Book:  The school dance at the end of the book–it ties it all together in a very amusing way.

Miranda’s recommended age groups for this book: Maybe 9 to whatever? It is about middle school….



One thought on “Review: The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

  1. Okay…just the name made me giggle. Man alive. Maybe I’ll have to check this one out for Justice and he can tell me if it’s any good from his standpoint. We all love Star Wars ya know. 😉

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