Review: Dealing with Dragons

First, we need to apologize for not posting yet this week….our week has been filled with long rehearsals in preparation for tonight’s dance recital. So, here we go!

Title:  Dealing with Dragons
Author:  Patricia C. Wrede
212 pages

Synopsis: Tired of traditional castle life, Princess Cimorene, a princess who will not be proper, runs away. She meets a dragon named Kazul and becomes her “Princess.” Soon, Cimorene will be dealing with a cheating dragon, a stone prince, and some very obnoxious wizards! If Cimorene ran away to find adventure, it looks like she’s found lots of it!

Why kids would like this book: This book is exciting and is very funny. It has a little bit of romance (in the other books, too), loads of action, and has many amazing and quirky characters that you’ll love.

Why adults would like this book: It is a fun twist on fairy tale life through the eyes of someone who wants nothing to do with it.  I also enjoyed the author’s skill with blending the standard fairy tale writing style with the unexpected, such as “There was a great deal of etiquette, from the proper way to curtsey before a visiting prince to how loudly it was permissable to scream when being carried off by a giant.”

Miranda’s rating: 10 of 10. I cannot think of even one reason not to like this book!

Todd’s rating: 7 of 10.  I found the middle of the book to lose momentum a little bit for my taste, but found it enjoyable overall.

Miranda’s favorite character: My favorite character is Kazul because she’s nice and always takes Cimorene’s side in  things.

Todd’s favorite character:  Cimorene for her no-nonsense, non-traditional approach to solving problems in a fairy tale kingdom.

Miranda’s favorite part of book: Probably when Cimorene first gets started on her duties as a dragon’s princess.

Todd’s favorite part of book:  How Cimorene deals with the various princes who try to rescue her despite her not wanting to be rescued.

Miranda’s recommended age groups: 8+ because it isn’t that big of a book and I’m sure kids this age and up will love this book and the funny parts within.


One thought on “Review: Dealing with Dragons

  1. These books are some of our favorite re-reads. I was pretty sure that I would enjoy a book that began “Linderwall was a large kingdom, … where philosophers were highly respected and the number five was fashionable. …” Cimorene challenges the way things are “supposed” to be and finds ways to express her own personality even when it takes her in a different and unexpected direction.

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