Picture Book Pick: No Matter What

We’ve decided to let Mom join our fun by periodically posting.  We also thought some of our readers might appreciate some recommendations for younger children, so, we’re creating the “Picture Book Pick” series of posts, written by Mom (Tanya).

Title: No Matter What
Author: Debi Gliori

Let’s face it—we always love our kids, but we don’t always love the way they act. But how can we convince them of that love when rubber meets the road?

In this beautifully illustrated young children’s book about Small and Large Fox, Small is questioning the boundaries of a parent’s love.  Small presents Large Fox with a series of “What if?”s only to be gently reassured that Large’s love is there… “No Matter What.”

While many young children’s books are colorful, fun and worthwhile, not all have messages that I can get behind 100%. For example (some of you will cringe at my saying this), the ever popular children’s book Love You Forever by Robert Munsch leaves me with an uneasy feeling in my stomach.  Does anyone else see a problem when an aged mother hauls a ladder to her grown son’s window to rock him in her arms?!   The message that “I’ll like you for always…my baby you’ll be” is not only a recipe for many hours of therapy, but sometimes completely false. I don’t always like the way my child behaves, but I WILL always love her—this is a message I can support and it is tenderly portrayed within the pages of this short book.

Cleverly, Gliori avoids hinting to us if Small is a boy or girl and whether or not Large is a mom or dad. With this seemingly small sleight of hand, the book works for young boys and girls. Gliori’s illustrations include little treats on each page for the older reader or audience member: a witty piece of wall art showing the cuts of meat on a sheep and a pair of rabbit salt and pepper shakers are two of my favorites. With a mere thirty-two pages, No Matter What is short enough for young children with small attention spans and stories at bedtime while being just long enough to teach a great lesson.


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