Thoughts on Thursday: Miranda’s Reading Technique Tips

Today on Thoughts on Thursday, I’m going to be sharing my top ten list of great ways to read a book!

  1. If a character is in a life or death situation, skim through the end of the book to see if the character lives.
  2. Whenever I read, I usually shift into some bizarre yoga pose, or just hang upside-down and let all of the blood rush to my head.
  3. If you’re reading a scary part at night and you’re brave, then keep on reading. If you’re not brave, wait until morning to read.
  4. If it’s late, I try to read as long as possible. You should try this, too! If your eyelids close and you didn’t even notice, then it’s time to give up.
  5. If the book gets boring, read faster. You would be wasting time– time that you could spend reading about action.
  6. If someone says they aren’t going to read a book that you’ve already read, don’t waste your time trying to convince them to read it. Just spoil it! Tell them the ending, who dies, who is in love with who; and if they end up reading it anyway, then at least they don’t have to cry when somebody dies!
  7. If you need to stop reading, and there isn’t a real bookmark next to you, grab the closest object such as a Kleenex, an old band-aid, a napkin, action figures, candy wrappers, junk mail, stuffed animals, or even another book. I use things like that even if there is a bookmark next to me!
  8. If you’re reading one series of books, but you see another great series, don’t wait till you’re finished with the first series. Never do that; just start the other series anyway. I’ve lost count of how many series I’m reading!
  9. If you’re reading a book, then have to stop, then go to number 7 on my list. But if you’re rushed, then just close your book. Look at the page number, remember it, and then search for it next time you read that book.
  10. If you’re just rereading a book, why read it all the way through when you can just skip to the best parts and read those instead? Rereading it thoroughly would just take too long.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thursday: Miranda’s Reading Technique Tips

  1. Dear Daughter,
    After reading technique #7, I’ve resolved to never spend money on a bookmark for you. EVER. Also, I think that I deserve some recognition for being your “page number memorizer” on many, many occasions. Don’t you think? Oh, I think you should have also let readers know that in your world a dustcover is to be removed immediately from the book and can serve as an excellent bookmark in a pinch.

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