Flashback Friday: How to Eat Like A Child

Todd: When I was a freshman in High School, I was cast in the musical “How to Eat Like a Child,” based on the book by the same title by Delia Ephron. I think the director cast me because I looked about 10 years old at the time, and acted about 11! The play and book are a humorous set of step-by-step instructions for how to do all of things that make children childish. It was a blast to be in the musical, and I later acquired a copy of the book and have held onto it through the years as a memento of my High School experience. I was excited when Miranda told me she found and read this book……until it started to sink in what bad habits she might learn from its contents!! Overall, I don’t have any regrets that she read and enjoyed the book, and hope you and your kids can enjoy it too! (But no…..I’m not lending out the VHS tape of the performance!)

**p.s. In preparation for this review I looked at the Amazon.com site only to discover that the reviews claimed that the book has 4 instances of vulgar language. I don’t personally remember there being questionable language, but this is your fair warning.

Title:How to Eat Like A Child

Author: Delia Ephron
104 pages

My reaction when my dad told me to read this book: This should be called “My reaction when I found this book” because I found it, I never really had it suggested to me. My reaction was nothing short of happiness. I opened it up and I was immediately absorbed within the pages of this book.

Why kids should read this book: This perfectly written book is great for kids and adults alike; however, why I think kids would like this book is because it can help them drive their parents completely crazy!

Miranda’s favorite part: The whole thing. … Okay, okay! That’s against the rules. My favorite part is probably the chapter on how to eat school and/or home-brought lunches.

Miranda’s rating: 9 of 10: It is sooo funny, but can give kids devious ideas on how to be bad!


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