Review: Frindle

Title: Frindle
Author: Andrew Clements
105 pages

Synopsis:  Nick Allen is always coming up with plans to liven things up at school. Then, when he finds out some interesting facts about how words are made, he comes up with his best plan yet. A pen is no longer a pen to him, it’s a frindle. Soon, his new word spreads across town. He’s a local hero! But when his teacher wants him to stop, he realizes that his word isn’t his anymore. It belongs to the whole country, and then the whole world!

Why kids would like this book: I think kids would like this book because it can inspire you, and because this book is funny and has great characters.

Why adults would like this book:  I was really surprised at how much I liked this book!  Reading a good “kid vs teacher” book can be entertaining, but this book is more of a “kid vs the world” story.  The way the plot evolves makes you feel just how plausible this scenario really is!

Miranda’s rating: 10 of 10. This book is hilarious, and the nicknames that the students come up with for their teacher, Mrs. Granger, are ridiculous. Also, the things Nick does in this book reminds me of something I would do.

Todd’s rating: 9 of 10. I honestly laughed out loud at several points in this book. At 105 pages, it is also a very entertaining fast read.

Miranda’s favorite character:  Nick. He is funny and clever, and very smart, too. I also like Mrs. Granger, aka The Lone Granger and Dangerous Grangerous!

Todd’s favorite character:  I agree with Miranda on this one–it is a toss-up between the clever Nick and the villainous (or is she?) Mrs. Granger.

Miranda’s favorite part of book:  When grown-up Nick sees the word frindle in the dictionary.

Todd’s favorite part of book:  What we learn about Mrs. Granger when Nick finally receives her sealed letter….

Miranda’s recommended age groups: 8+


6 thoughts on “Review: Frindle

  1. Becky – Thanks for suggesting, and loaning, this book to our family. Now that Todd & Miranda are done with it, perhaps I’ll get a chance to read it before returning it to you.
    Also, this may sound weird, I’ve thought maybe I could invent a new word for some colors one day. I’ve always wondered—who came up with the name of the color ‘purple’? They must’ve had fun coming up with that one! I want to try my hand at it, but I’m a little afraid my words would be boring. :/

  2. What a great suggestion to read, especially for “logophiles”–word lovers. Words like “Frindle” are sometimes called Portmanteau words….a concept invented by Lewis Carroll, who created many new words in his wonderful books. I leave you both the fun of finding out what the concept means. He called such words,”Portmanteau” words. You know enough French perhaps to know the actual meaning of the word, but it is a metaphor, that is very appopriate for “Frindle”, and other words like it, and the whole book. Do you recognize.

    Now, I have to get the book for the library…..thank you both for the suggestion!
    Love you !
    Grandma Caroll Lee

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