Thoughts on Thursday: Why I do and do not like E-Readers

Well, my mom suggested this, and I thought it was a pretty good idea. This has information that I found on a news website. Did you know that some E-Readers will tell the company of the E-Reader your reading habits? Things such as what you read, how long it takes you to read things or certain parts of the book, things you highlight, and so on. I don’t want people knowing all that! How I read is my stuff, and I can share that with who I want! Do you want people knowing this stuff? It’s your info, after all. Another reason I don’t like E-Readers is because you can’t just say to a friend, “Oh, I have this book, here, you can borrow it”! This means no book exchanges, people! Do you know how much fun it is to trade books? If you don’t have a bookstore or a library, but you have a friend with a book you’ve always wanted to read, then you can trade! This is so fun, but I always recommend keeping track of which books you’ve lent out and who has them, and also what books that you’ve borrowed and who they belong to. 🙂 A very sad reason I don’t like E-Readers: BOOKSTORES MIGHT GO OUTTA BUISNESS!!! That’s most likely why Borders went out of business. L But I have to say, E-Readers must be pretty light compared to a 500-page book! A lot of the time, when I’m reading upside down or even in my bed, holding up a book can be quite painful. It really makes my arms hurt. If you beg to differ on any of these things, go ahead and comment. I’d love to hear your opinion!