Hey there, it’s Miranda! Sorry that we haven’t posted anything in a while. Dad and I have been busy with lots of things and he hasn’t had much time to read what I’ve been reading. I’ve been badgering him to write a post but he hasn’t yet so I decided to. Thanks again for reading our blog and I hope we can post more in the future!


Thoughts on Thursday: Welcome back!

So… me and my parents have been in California forEVER! I’ve really missed writing for the blog, but between playing with my crazy awesome (stooky, for all the Murky fans out there) cousins and finishing up homeschool, I just haven’t had much time for dad and I to post new things on our blog! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all of our blog followers. I brought up the fact that we need to update our poll, so keep an eye on that! Sorry we haven’t changed it. At all. In fact, why don’t you comment on it and give us good poll ideas? I’ll have to convince my dad to do his OWN “Welcome Back” post, so then you can hear HIS thoughts, too! In California, I found… guess what. A LIBRARY! In the library, I found lots of great books, such as Charlie Bone and the Beast , Frozen in Time(which I didn’t finish), and 101 Ways to Bug Your Teacher, just to name a few. They are ALL great books! Now… I know I am COMPLETLEY changing the subject, but my dad asked me to do a post on buying books vs. library books. Well, why don’t I get started on that! Library books are great. I mean, sure they aren’t in the BEST shape, but going to the library is always such a great way to find books that you’ve never heard of, that might not even be in the store! Sadly, borrowing a book just isn’t as fun as owning one, because then you can’t read it over and over and over again! Also, if a page is torn out, YOUR’E DOOMED. (Especially if the page torn out is the end of the book!!!) Now, about buying books. Buying books is good because then you can find newer titles, and you can read those books over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over (and over) again! BUT sometimes the newer titles can be completely sold out, or they might not sell it at all. And sometimes the books can cost a bucket full of money, and that is always a let-down. Although library books and books at the store both have their pros and cons, I love them both the same! And before I end this post, I would like to have a moment of silence for Borders, the awesome bookstore going out of business. ……………………………….. And now I would like to have a moment of silence for all those librarians out there who would just LOVE a moment of silence. ……………………………………………………………. Thank you! Well, me and my dad would love to hear from you guys! Bye!

Review: Dealing with Dragons

First, we need to apologize for not posting yet this week….our week has been filled with long rehearsals in preparation for tonight’s dance recital. So, here we go!

Title:  Dealing with Dragons
Author:  Patricia C. Wrede
212 pages

Synopsis: Tired of traditional castle life, Princess Cimorene, a princess who will not be proper, runs away. She meets a dragon named Kazul and becomes her “Princess.” Soon, Cimorene will be dealing with a cheating dragon, a stone prince, and some very obnoxious wizards! If Cimorene ran away to find adventure, it looks like she’s found lots of it!

Why kids would like this book: This book is exciting and is very funny. It has a little bit of romance (in the other books, too), loads of action, and has many amazing and quirky characters that you’ll love.

Why adults would like this book: It is a fun twist on fairy tale life through the eyes of someone who wants nothing to do with it.  I also enjoyed the author’s skill with blending the standard fairy tale writing style with the unexpected, such as “There was a great deal of etiquette, from the proper way to curtsey before a visiting prince to how loudly it was permissable to scream when being carried off by a giant.”

Miranda’s rating: 10 of 10. I cannot think of even one reason not to like this book!

Todd’s rating: 7 of 10.  I found the middle of the book to lose momentum a little bit for my taste, but found it enjoyable overall.

Miranda’s favorite character: My favorite character is Kazul because she’s nice and always takes Cimorene’s side in  things.

Todd’s favorite character:  Cimorene for her no-nonsense, non-traditional approach to solving problems in a fairy tale kingdom.

Miranda’s favorite part of book: Probably when Cimorene first gets started on her duties as a dragon’s princess.

Todd’s favorite part of book:  How Cimorene deals with the various princes who try to rescue her despite her not wanting to be rescued.

Miranda’s recommended age groups: 8+ because it isn’t that big of a book and I’m sure kids this age and up will love this book and the funny parts within.

Review: The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

Title: The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
Author:  Tom Angleberger
141 pages

Synopsis: Ahhh…..middle school.  This book examines through a series of testimonials and eyewitness accounts whether Dwight’s finger puppet Origami Yoda is “real”.  That is, does a folded piece of paper in the shape of Yoda contain the wisdom of the jedi, and can it provide advice that can help solve a series of middle schoolers’ problems?  Let the facts described in this quick read help you decide for sure.

Why kids would like this book:  It’s hilariously ridiculous, and it has some Star Wars bits. Kellen’s darwings on the sides of the pages are super funny and make me laugh.  If you like Star Wars or funny books about real life school experiences, then you’ll like this book.

Why adults would like this book:  Let me keep it real here…….when Miranda asked me to read this one, I thought it looked fun, and heck, it was only 141 pages!!  As I read the first three quarters of the book, I was prepared to tell you to leave this one to the kids.  I thought it was a somewhat funny and somewhat uncomfortable look back at middle school drama.  (Let’s face it–who wants to re-live those years again–NOBODY!)  However, the last quarter of the book changed my mind in the way that the author ties together all of the testimonials for the blow-by-blow account of the climax.  All together–I’d definitely recommend reading this one with your kids…….but maybe not for your own adult enjoyment.

Miranda’s rating:  10 of 10.  Because it has Star Wars and real-life things that could happen to you.

Todd’s rating: 6 of 10.  Enjoyable and cute, but definitely written for kids.

Miranda’s favorite character: Origami Yoda, because he comes up with the best advice.

Todd’s favorite character: Tommy….maybe because he reminds me too much of myself at that age.

Miranda’s Favorite Part of the Book: The “all about Dwight” list of weird things about Dwight. One of the items on the list has to do with getting “locked” in a locker and calling out to the squirrels to save him.

Todd’s Favorite Part of the Book:  The school dance at the end of the book–it ties it all together in a very amusing way.

Miranda’s recommended age groups for this book: Maybe 9 to whatever? It is about middle school….


Welcome to our blog! (from Miranda)

Hey! This is Miranda, and I’m so happy about this blog. If you’re reading this, then I’ll be even happier! Please tell your friends about this and help us make our blog more popular! I wanted to have a blog about books because some books I read are just so great that I want everyone to read them. With this blog, I can suggest books that you never knew existed. I’m also happy because now I can make my mark on the world. In a couple years I might start a blog of my own! I love to read because it gives me good ideas for writing my own books. Reading is so much fun, and it helps you expand your imagination, and it gives you great ideas and inspiration, too!

Welcome to our blog! (from Todd)

It was July 21, 2007.  At 5:30 am I wore a baseball hat and sunglasses hoping not to be recognized as I drove to the store to be there when it opened.  I was a thirty-something who was more than a little embarrassed that I had cleared my schedule, told my wife and daughter I wouldn’t be speaking to them, and planned to spend the day occuppied with someone, or more accurately, something else… Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which was just released that day.  I read it straight through in eleven hours, and that’s when I started to realize I might have a problem.  I was an adult who still loved children’s literature or ‘kidslit’!

Now I am totally comfortable with the fact that I can say that I prefer kidslit over reading other more “mature” novels or books.  And I think there are many of you out there too who feel the same.  Maybe you are just as excited as your kid for school book fairs to come around.  Maybe you and your kid fight over whose turn it is to read from the latest book you are both enjoying.  Maybe you don’t have kids at home, but love a great children’s book anyway!  If any of these are true, you are welcome here!

We’ll plan to share our thoughts on here of the latest good books we’ve read, and hope they’ll be helpful to you.  If you’ve already read these books, we’d love to see your comments on what you thought of them too.

Oh–and now that you are here….answer our poll on the sidebar about who in your home likes children’s literature.

Thanks for coming and come back soon for more posts!